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Happy HousePet Sitting Service was established when I recognized there was a need for specialized home pet care for people, like myself, that needed to travel occasionally. Keeping pets, whether sick or well, at home while you travel, is an alternative with their comfort and happiness in mind.


It had always been a hard choice to travel, knowing I would spend lots of time thinking and worrying about my pets. I once had quite a long-distance phone bill when I called home every day just to let them hear my voice talking to them on the answering machine!


Having special-needs pets posed an added challenge to me, and I didn't like having to burden family and friends, who didn't have experience handling them, and already had hectic schedules and responsibilities.


Forming a strong support group of people in my same situation became the answer for me. Now Happy House Pet  can be the answer for you!


–  DM (Donna Marie) Portaro

Pet First Aid Certificate
American Red Cross Pet First Aid Kit


American Red Cross Pet First Aid certificate

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  • Liquid and pill medications by mouth
  • Subcutaneous injections
  • Subcutaneous fluid administration
  • feral and frightened animals
  • bottle-feeding
  • wound care
  • patience & loving attention
kitten receiving oral medication
administering insulin injection to cat
kitten receiving subcutaneous fluid injection
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