Happy HousePet
Sitting Service...committed to keeping your pets comfortable and cared for at home.


Records of your vet, pharmacy and emergency contact information will be kept
with your booking contract.

Here is the  CLIENT RECORD form, which
can be
prior to
your initial

Pet and Client Records
During our initial consultation — and once your pet gives a Paw's Up! — information about your pet(s) and your service needs will be discussed, and a Client Record will be created. The following information will be included:

Your Pet At Home

Your pet will be most comfortable at home receiving the routine care and feeding it is used to. Pet food, toys, bedding and cleanup products should be in stock in your home. Happy HousePet can arrange to pick up additional supplies for your pet, as needed.

Pet Health Information

Happy HousePet requires awareness of your pet’s health and condition, so extra precautions can be taken not to transfer any illnesses to other clients.
A list of medications and dosages, as well as your pharmacy, will be kept with your client record. It is important to have enough medication on hand if you will be traveling, or notify your vet or pharmacy to provide needed medicines to Happy HousePet,
if needed.

Veterinary Information

The name of your regular veterinarian and preferred animal emergency hospital will be kept on file. It is important that you provide a contact number so you can be reached in case of an emergency. Happy HousePet can provide immediate pet first aid, and get your pet to the vet or emergency animal hospital, if needed.


Client Information

Client home and work contact information will be kept on file, for emergency contact. If you will be traveling, your itinerary schedule, transportation carrier, hotel information and any pertinent contacts should be provided. Please also provide family, friend or neighbor contact information.

Scheduling Visits and Policy


Happy HousePet requires an initial consultation before pet sitting services can be booked. Home sitting reservations are booked in advance. Every effort will be made to accommodate your last minute, emergency service needs.

Cancellations (Daily Client Visits)

If your scheduled service visit is not needed due to a sick day or personal day off, visit will not be charged if cancelled at least 2 hours prior to the scheduled visit.


“On Call” Client Visits
Happy HousePet can be one of your emergency backup plans for unexpected delays or trips. Every effort will be made to care for your pet(s) until you return. However, it is recommended to have other backups “on call” in case we have a scheduling conflict. Standard rates apply.


Cancellations (Trip and Vacation Visits)
Happy HousePet is a "reservation in advance" company. A 50% deposit is required for Trip and Vacation bookings. We want to keep our human relationships happy, too! If you need to cancel your booking, your deposit will be fully refunded.

Late Returns (Trip and Vacation Visits)

If your return is delayed, please call as soon as possible. Every effort will be made to keep your pets on their regular schedule until you return. Additional charges may apply.


Early Returns (Trip and Vacation Visits)

Because we may have turned away other clients who wanted to book the space you reserved, if you return home early and cancel some visits, Happy HousePet reserves the right to charge a 25% cancellation fee for each cancelled visit. Please provide notice as soon as possible before the visit.


Home Access
Access to your home by either key or code entry will be necessary to care for your pets.

Entry Codes can be changed by the homeowner after our visit.

In the case of a lost key, Happy HousePet will be responsible for the cost of rekeying locks.


Your business is appreciated!

Please understand that your booked time is contracted. Cancelled or added days
may affect your booked rates.